06 October 2023
Science Building
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34 06-Oct-2023 13:00 Poster 1D Electron Systems Coupled to Light Mr. BRADLEY, Victor      
4 06-Oct-2023 13:00 Poster A coherent pipeline to perform stacked Gravitational-Wave searches on repeated EM bursts Dr. MERFELD, Kara      
14 06-Oct-2023 13:00 Poster A Stochastic Search for Intermittent Gravitational Wave Backgrounds LAWRENCE, Jessica      
23 06-Oct-2023 13:00 Poster Active Mid-Infrared Polarization Control by a Coupled Surface Plasmon-Phonon Polariton Cavity on VO2-SiC Metasurface BROWN, Zach      
22 06-Oct-2023 13:00 Poster Active tunability of surface phonon polaritons resonances by using Vanadium Dioxide-GaAs metasurfaces at far-infrared wavelength of light Mr. AHMAD, Imtiaz     Slides
3 06-Oct-2023 13:00 Poster Aerogel Core Fission Fragment Rocket Engine Mr. PURI, Sandeep      
24 06-Oct-2023 13:00 Poster Assembly of the CMS High Granularity Calorimeter Modules HAMILTON ILHA MACHADO, Gabriela     Slides
15 06-Oct-2023 13:00 Poster Comparing relativistic black hole and neutron star jets through radio variability PATTIE, Eli      
30 06-Oct-2023 13:00 Poster Comparing the Efficacy of SMS Prediction to That of a More Complex Framework WIBERT, Elizabeth      
25 06-Oct-2023 13:00 Poster Doping dependence of optical conductivity of Nb(x)V(1-x)O2 single crystals at the phase transition KWON, Yejin      
16 06-Oct-2023 13:00 Poster Electronic Properties of Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides and hBN​ Mr. CHUGH, Aryan     Slides
21 06-Oct-2023 13:00 Poster Exploring Palladium-Based Nanomaterials for Enhanced Electrochemical Nitrogen Fixation: Synthesis and Catalytic Insights Mr. FAROOQ, Muhammad Umer      
13 06-Oct-2023 13:00 Poster From 2D to 3D: Advancing Diagnostic Devices with Quantitative Phase Contrast ABDILOV, Timur      
6 06-Oct-2023 13:00 Poster Heterojunctions in Extreme Sub-Zero Conditions: Quantum and Operational Analysis Mr. GARCIA, Juan Diego      
9 06-Oct-2023 13:00 Poster High Radio Frequency Pulsar Search of The Galactic Center Ms. KIMANI-STEWART, Karina      
5 06-Oct-2023 13:00 Poster Investigating Graduate Students' Knowledge and Comprehension of Lagrangian Mechanics: Rubric Development WIPFLI, Kyle      
10 06-Oct-2023 13:00 Poster Kinetic simulations of photogenerated charge transport in Cu based field emitter arrays for electron injector applications Mr. IQBAL, Yasir      
20 06-Oct-2023 13:00 Poster Large scale Event generation at NLO using POWHEG to reduce Background uncertainty with High mass Dijet searches Mr. MANKEL, Aaron      
11 06-Oct-2023 13:00 Poster LISA Catalog Sensitivity to Metallicity in the Milky Way GOTTSCHLICH, Natalie      
12 06-Oct-2023 13:00 Poster Machine Learning Algorithm and PCB Design for Robotic Gantry SEWELL, Julian      
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