06 October 2017
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0 06-Oct-2017 14:00 Heat Flow across an Oxide Layer in Si STANLEY, Christopher Group 2   Slides
1 06-Oct-2017 14:00 Mechanical Feedback in the Drosophila melanogaster Embryo: Robustness and Intercellular Coordination Mr. HOLCOMB, Michael Group 4    
2 06-Oct-2017 14:00 Search for Dark Matter in Jets plus MET final state for Non-thermal Dark Matter model using data from Proton-Proton Collisions at √s = 13 TeV. Mrs. UNDLEEB, Sonaina Group 1    
3 06-Oct-2017 14:00 Searching for Compressed Supersymmetric Spectra at the Large Hadron Collider FANTAHUN, Kebur Group 1    
4 06-Oct-2017 14:00 Search for a heavy resonance decaying into ZZ/WZ final state in proton-proton collisions at 13 TeV using the CMS detector LAMICHHANE, Kamal Group 2   Slides
5 06-Oct-2017 14:00 Gravitational Waves emitted by an oscillating Neutron Star Mr. TURRIZIANI COLONNA, Giammarco Group 1    
6 06-Oct-2017 14:00 Selection effects on the orbital period distribution of Low Mass X-ray Binaries. Mrs. ARUR, Kavitha Group 1    
7 06-Oct-2017 14:00 MonoTop Chirality Mr. TAULLI, Ian Group 3   Slides
8 06-Oct-2017 14:00 Using Btag to search for bstar and coloron in dijet final state WANG, Tyler Group 3   Slides
9 06-Oct-2017 14:00 Electrical switching and charge oscillation in VO2 micro-channel devices Mr. PATTANAYAK, Milinda Group 2    
10 06-Oct-2017 14:00 Molecular Dynamics simulation of Cholesterol Maze Pattern at High Cholesterol Concentration Using Coarse-Grained Force Field Mr. MAO, Yu Group 2    
11 06-Oct-2017 14:00 Discovery of a New Millisecond Pulsar BHAKTA, Deven Group 2    
12 06-Oct-2017 14:00 Methods to Search for New Physics in proton-proton collisions at the LHC - in case of search for lepton number violation Mr. MUTHUMUNI, Samila Group 4   Slides
13 06-Oct-2017 14:00 Effects of Membrane Protein nAChR on Phase-Separated Model Membranes. Mr. PATEL, Jigesh Group 4    
14 06-Oct-2017 14:00 Search for R-modes from neutron star. Mr. RAJBHANDARI, Binod Group 3   Slides
15 06-Oct-2017 14:00 Illumination-Direction Multiplexing Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy Using Hemispherical Digital Condensers Ms. SKINNER, Sueli Group 3    
16 06-Oct-2017 14:00 A systematic search for dwarf counterparts to ultra compact high velocity clouds Mr. BENNET, Paul Group 4    
17 06-Oct-2017 14:00 First-Principles Computational Study of the Properties of Some Silicon-based Type II Clathrate Compounds Mr. XUE, Dong Group 3   Slides
18 06-Oct-2017 14:00 LabVIEW Implementation of Single-Laser Alternating Target Pulsed Laser Deposition Mr. ANDREWS, Keller Group 1    
19   Calculation of phase shifts in potential scattering ALGHASHAM, Hawra      
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