06 November 2020
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0 06-Nov-2020 12:15   Cellular Automata Inspired Design of Autonomous Vehicle Behaviors in Heterogeneous Traffic Flow Mr. SHANTO, Sadman Ahmed    
1 06-Nov-2020 10:20   Challenges of Microsimulation Calibration with Traffic Waves using Aggregate Measurements Mr. SHANTO, Sadman Ahmed   Paper
2 06-Nov-2020 12:05   A rubric for assessing thinking skills in free-response exam problems Mrs. AL SALMANI, Fatema    
3 06-Nov-2020 10:45   Extreme suppression of waveguide crosstalk with all-dielectric metamaterials MIA, Md Borhan    
4 06-Nov-2020 10:30   Development of Classroom-Interaction Coding Schemes for PCK Assessment WIPFLI, Kyle    
5 06-Nov-2020 10:40   Establishing a Cyber-Physical Network of Microcontrollers and Thermodynamic Sensors for Real-Time Environmental Monitoring Ms. HOWARD, Madison   Slides
6 06-Nov-2020 12:00   Study of VO2 Coating Layer for Energy Savings Applications Mr. KHAYYAT JAFARI, Ahmad    
8 06-Nov-2020 10:15   A search for variable stars and compact binaries in globular clusters with HST PICHARDO MARCANO, Manuel   Slides
9 06-Nov-2020 11:20   Rare-earth spin qubit selection using conventional spectroscopy methods Mr. SLOCUM, Jacob
Dr. FAROOQ, Hira
10 06-Nov-2020 11:15   Radiation-hardness Studies of Cerium-doped Fused-silica Optical Fibers Mr. HUSSAIN, Adil    
11 06-Nov-2020 11:10   Post-Merger Gravitational Wave Search of GRB200219A using a new technique COCOA Ms. KHANAM, Tanazza    
12 06-Nov-2020 12:10   Behavior of photons in a scintillator and how it affects light efficiency Mr. RAMOS, Timothy    
13 06-Nov-2020 10:50   GW170817 - An overview BALASUBRAMANIAN, Arvind    
14 06-Nov-2020 11:55   The Prototype-I Portable Muon Telescope Data Acquisition System CANO, Samuel   Slides
15 06-Nov-2020 11:40   Optical spectroscopy of the Weyl semimetal RAlGe (R = Ce, Pr, La) VALDES, Bryan
Dr. FAROOQ, Hira
16 06-Nov-2020 11:25   Search for Dark Matter from Baryon Number Violation Process in Proton-Proton Collisions at 13 TeV Mr. MUTHUMUNI, Samila   Slides
17 06-Nov-2020 11:30   Searching for narrow band thermal emission in mid-infrared from phonon polaritonic metasurfaces Mr. AHMAD, Imtiaz    
18 06-Nov-2020 11:05   Investigation of surface phonon polariton localization on hexagonal boron nitride KWON, Yejin    
19 06-Nov-2020 10:25   Constraining the Properties of Kilonovae based on the Zwicky Transient Facility Searches for 13 Neutron Star Mergers RAJKUMAR, Priyadarshini   Slides
20 06-Nov-2020 11:00   Machine-Learning Assisted Muon Tomography Mr. SHANTO, Sadman Ahmed   Slides
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