08 October 2021
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Muon Tomography for surveying Queen Maeve’s Cairn
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Content: This poster details the development of our muon tomography detector in attempt to survey Queen Maeve’s Cairn, a burial structure in Ireland. Muon tomography is the process of receiving cosmic muons through detection devices in order to determine internal structure. Muons get absorbed less by materials than other particles, which allows them to probe deeper into materials. The structure of the detector is two layers consisting each of a pair of orthogonal scintillators at a distance away from each other. As a muon passes through both layers, we can determine the position and angle of the muon through the detector. The signal from the detector is processed through a DAQ system for data analysis and image reconstruction. The data is then further compared to our Monte Carlo simulations, and fed into a machine learning algorithm to improve its resolution and depth reconstruction.
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Duration: 00'
Contribution type: Poster
Primary Authors: WEBB, Katrina (TTU)
Co-Authors: BRADLEY, Victor (TTU)
CANO, Samuel (TTU)
MUHAMMED, Moosajee (TTU)
MORENO, Cristobal (TTU)
Presenters: WEBB, Katrina
Material: poster Poster