PHAS Colloquia

Searches for very heavy resonances using highly Lorentz-boosted objects

by Petar Maksimovic (Johns Hopkins University)

Tuesday, 1 December 2020 from to (America/Chicago)
Speaker: Dr. Petar Maksimovic (Physics & Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University)

Title: Searches for very heavy resonances using highly Lorentz-boosted objects

Abstract: In the past decade, the Large Hadron Collider has probed higher energy scale than ever before.  Most models of beyond-standard-model (BSM) physics predict the production of new heavy particles; the LHC results have excluded lower masses of such particles.  This makes the high-mass regions especially interesting for current and future searches.  In most BSM scenarios of interest, the new heavy resonances decay to standard model particles. In a subset of these models, the new particles have large couplings to the top quark, or to the W and Z bosons, or to the Higgs boson.  The top quark and W, Z, and Higgs bosons often decay to quarks, giving rise to jets of particles with `substructure'.  In this talk, I will cover the key concepts in experimental searches based on the jet substructure, and review the recent results from the CMS experiment.

About the speaker: Petar Maksimovic did his undergraduate studies at the University of Belgrade, now in Serbia, and his Ph.D. at MIT, working on the CDF experiment at Fermilab.  As a postdoc at Harvard, and a junior faculty at Johns Hopkins, he continued on CDF, mostly focusing on the B physics (and discovering four Sigma_b^(*) baryons in 2006).  After that, he switched to the LHC and continued looking for new particles, but this time one thousand times heavier.


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