PHAS Colloquia

Artemis – An Overview of NASA’s Lunar Exploration Program

by Ginger Kerrick (NASA)

Tuesday, 27 October 2020 from to (America/Chicago)
Speaker: Ginger Kerrick (Deputy director of the Exploration Integration and Science Directorate, Johnson Space Center, NASA)

Title: Artemis – An Overview of NASA’s Lunar Exploration Program

Abstract: I will provide an overview of NASA’s Artemis program, including the current plans to land the first woman and the next man on the Moon by 2024 and create a sustained human presence on the Moon.  I will highlight our lunar surface science program and all of the preparations we currently have in work to ensure the integrity of the sample from the point of collection, transit from the lunar surface to the spacecraft, transit back to Earth, sample recovery, and curation. 

About the speaker: Ginger Kerrick is the Deputy Director of Johnson Space Center’s Exploration Integration and Science Directorate (EISD) where she provides executive guidance and direction of a multi-disciplined organization of more than 400 civil servants and contractors to enable human and robotic exploration missions to the moon, cis-lunar space, and to develop/demonstrate capabilities for human missions to Mars. Her organization includes exploration systems engineering and integration, mission concept and architecture development, physical science research, orbital debris and image science research and operations, and applied-science mission support. EISD also provides for curation of all NASA-held extraterrestrial samples, extra-vehicular activity (EVA) program management, and the development of strategic partnerships.

Ginger previously served as Chief of the Flight Integration Division in the Flight Operations Directorate (FOD), leading the integration between FOD and NASA’s Human Spaceflight Programs for crew and vehicle safety, training, payload operations, vehicle hardware and software, vehicle testing, and launch, landing, and recovery operations.  

Ginger also held the role of FOD Assistant Director for ISS, serving as the primary interface to ISS management for all FOD resource, technical, strategic, integration, risk, and budgetary decisions.  She managed an ISS FOD budget of ~$210 million overseeing the work of 1,100 FOD personnel supporting ISS and the facilities that enabled FOD to plan, train, and fly ISS missions.

Ginger spent 12 years in MCC in key leadership positions. In 2001, she was selected as the first non-astronaut CAPCOM (Capsule Communicator) and then served for 8 years as a Flight Director, making her the first Hispanic female Flight Director in NASA history. In this role, she led the planning and execution of numerous ISS and Shuttle missions. Prior to her experience in MCC, Ginger spent 4 years as a Russian Training Integration Instructor leading the integration efforts between US and Russian training and operations for all ISS Expedition crews, with special focus on the Expedition 1 crew.

Ginger was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. In 2004 she was named a distinguished alumnus by Texas Tech University and was inducted into the Texas Women's Hall of Fame by Governor Abbott in 2016. In 2019 she was appointed by Governor Abbott to serve on the Texas Tech University System Board of Regents.

Ginger graduated from Texas Tech University with Bachelors and Masters degrees in physics.


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