4-10 July 2021
Texas Tech University School of Music
US/Central timezone
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Campers requiring emergency treatment will be taken to the University Medical Center emergency room unless otherwise specified. Every effort will be made to contact a parent/legal guardian prior to seeking medical attention; however, the registered nurse will make the decision to proceed based on the safety and welfare of the camper. Parents are responsible for all medical expenses. Please provide the most current insurance information.
The camp clinic will have a limited supply of over-the-counter medications for aches/pains, upset stomach, allergies, etc. Campers MAY NOT self-administer medications for the following: antidepressants, any controlled substance (including prescription pain medication), and medication for ADD/ADHD. These must be administered through the camp clinic. ALL medications should be properly labeled and in the original container. Please be sure that the student is aware of the proper use of all medications and medical equipment brought to Camp. The Camp is not liable for their loss.

Administration Choice: *
My son/daughter will self-administer his/her medication while at camp. I understand that these medications will not include any medications for the above named drug categories.
My son/daughter will be taking medication that requires the camp nurse to keep and administer the medications. (Please provide detailed instructions.)

Medication administration instructions, if applicable

In case of accident or sudden illness/injury to the above-named child and in the event that I cannot be reached by phone, I hereby authorize a representative of Texas Tech Band & Orchestra Camp to seek medical treatment for my child. I hold the Texas Tech Band & Orchestra Camp, its employees, and Texas Tech University harmless from all liability resulting from any accidents or illness to my child. I verify that all information on this form is complete and accurate. I have read and understand all information contained herein.
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Lubbock Airport Shuttle
This price covers the cost for to and from the airport shuttle.

Lubbock Airport Shuttle

  15.00 USD

On-Campus Housing

On-Campus Housing

  370.00 USD
Who would be your preferred roommate during
Band & Orchestra Camp?

Optional Fees
Recording of Final Performance
Parking Sticker
Camp Patch
Instrument Storage
Instrument Rental (Includes Storage)
Additional Camp T-Shirt
Charter Bus TO Camp
Private Lesson
Commuter Only Lunch Card -
Do not purchase if staying on campus

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